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In addition to fundamental education, Saint Bernadette students are offered a wide variety of choices that include art, music, foreign language, and technology instruction. Physical Education is also a vital part of the curriculum, and all students participate in P.E. up to 3 times per week. Each grade also has a set time go to the library for research as well as assigned and personal interest reading.


Diane Johnson,  Music and Fine Arts

I am Diane Johnson, and I have been teaching music and fine arts at St. Bernadette Catholic School for over eight years. Before I came to St. Bernadette, my career focused primarily on teaching high school band and choir in northern Nebraska while raising three daughters on our cattle ranch. I also directed many major musicals and plays at Gordon High School. I have two Bachelor degrees from the University of Northern Colorado, one in Instrumental Music and the other in Music Education. I have continued to expand my education by taking graduate courses at the University of Northern Colorado, Chadron State College, and Adams State College.

After spending most of my life in Nebraska, I moved to Denver, and within three days, I received a call from Henrietta Linenbrink, then principal at St. Bernadette. That new step was the beginning of a whole new teaching adventure that has been a true delight. For me, being present and involved in the spiritual formation of St. Bernadette students is the privilege of a lifetime.


Paul Keen,  Physical Education and Technology

My name is Paul Keen, and I am currently in my third year of teaching Physical Education and Technology at St. Bernadette Catholic School. I received my Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of Georgia in August of 2005. I have been working in education for the past four years and have worked in childcare and recreational sports for the past seven years.

One of my favorite aspects of working at St. Bernadette is the opportunity to express my excitement for the Bible and the Saints. I feel that the Bible is more than just a rule book; it's a love letter from God to His people, filled with wonderful poetry, colorful characters, and the greatest story ever told. I also find the Saints to have had wonderful and passionate lives, and I find teaching about them as fascinating as learning about them.


Trinidad Vera,  Spanish Language

I am Trinidad Vera, Spanish teacher at St. Bernadette Catholic School. I was born and raised in Lima, Peru and have lived in the United States for the last twenty-one years. In Peru, I graduated from the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru with a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting. Here in Denver, I graduated from the University of Colorado at Denver with a Master of Arts in Education. I am married and have two children, Pablo who is a sophomore at Lakewood High School, and Elsa who is an eighth-grader at Creighton Middle School. This is my ninth year teaching and my second year at St. Bernadette Catholic School. At St. Bernadette I teach two days a week and the other three days I teach at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School. I feel very blessed by working in a catholic setting. I enjoy teaching Spanish at St. Bernadette because students are always respectful and willing to learn.


Amanda Hupka,  Library and Media

My name is Amanda Hupka, and this is currently my second year as the librarian at St. Bernadette Catholic School. I received my Bachelor of Science in Business Management from the University of Colorado at Boulder, with an emphasis in Information Technology. While raising my four children, I was also involved in many church ministries, including RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults), Religious Education, Respect Life, and Project Gabriel. I recently completed the four-year certificate program in Scriptural Studies from the Denver Catholic Biblical School, and I am currently pursuing a Master of Sacred Scripture degree at the Augustine Institute in Denver.

I am married and have four children, all of whom attend St. Bernadette, and I enjoy reading, writing, and the beautiful scenery on long Colorado road trips. I love working and volunteering at St. Bernadette, both for the challenging work and my great passion for Jesus Christ, His Church, and my own faith. I find St. Bernadette school to be a wonderful place, where many different families can come to share in the one unity of the Church. It is my prayer that He will be glorified through my ability to learn and share His truth with the children and their families.


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